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· One min read
Samantha Zhang

What we have updated since last release:

  • We now support source system identifiers in all of our API endpoints, in addition to Agave UUID. Read more
  • Launched OneDrive integration with the following endpoints:
  • Added 2 more endpoints to Fieldwire:
    • Folders (read and write)
    • Files (read for now, write to be added soon)
  • Support writing Folders to Procore and BIM 360
  • Better support for Files, File Versions, Drawings, and Drawing Versions in Aconex
  • Better support for filtering Vendors by tax numbers in Jobpac

What we are working on next:

  • Support for authorization header in webhook events
  • Support File Versions in BIM 360
  • Support WRITE Coordination Issue Image endpoint for BIM Track
  • GDPR compliance