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Rate Limits

All Source Systems have rate limits.

Agave API will return a rate limit error with the HTTP status code 429 - Too Many Requests when the request rate limit for a Linked Account is reached. You can use the rate limits endpoint to get the current rate limits of a Linked Account.

We recommend adding an exponential backoff to your requests to ensure retry requests do not get rate-limited.

Source System Rate Limits

Source SystemRate LimitReference
Aconex5 requests per second.Source
BIM 360Vary from 50 to 1000 requests per minute depending on endpoint.Source
BIM 360 FieldNot listed.Source
BIM Track10 requests per second.Source
Box1,000 requests per minute. 240 file upload requests per minute.Source
CMiCNot listed.N/A
CompanyCam240 calls per minute for GET requests, 100 calls per minute per POST/PUT/DELETE requests.Source
DropboxNot available.Source
Egnyte2 API calls per second and 1,000 API calls per day, per account token.Source
Fieldwire10 requests per second.Source
Google Drive20,000 requests per 100 seconds, 1 billion requests per day.Source
Housecall ProNot listed.Source
HubSpot100 requests per 10 seconds, 250,000 requests per day.Source
InEightNot listed.N/A
OneDriveNot listed.Source
PlanGridDynamic and depends on the endpoint.Source
Primavera Cloud55 requests per second.Source
Procore3,600 requests per hour.Source
QuickBook Online500 requests per minute and 10 concurrent requests, per account token.Source
Sage Intacct900 requests per 18 seconds, or 1,800 requests per minute.Source
Salesforce5 concurrent requests, per account token.Source
ServiceTitan60 requests per second.Source
Sharepoint OnlineNot listed.Source
Viewpoint JobpacNot listed.Source
Viewpoint Spectrum10,000 requests per day for write requests. 500 requests per day for read requests.Listed in the Data Exchange for each Service.