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Link Component


Using Agave Link is simple: you only need to install an initialization script and open the component with Source System that you would like to make available to your Users.



Include the Agave Link initialize script on each page of your site. This script must always be loaded directly from, rather than included in a bundle or hosted by you.

<script src=""></script>

React Component

npm install @agave-api/react-agave-link

Example React app: react-agave-link-example

Vue.js Component


Interested in a Vue.js component? Let us know at!

After installing the script, you can open Agave Link by invoking AgaveLink.openLink(options). The options object has the following structure:

interface OpenLinkConfig {
linkToken: string;
onSuccess: (publicToken: string) => void;
onExit?: (error?: string) => void;
showSandboxSourceSystems?: boolean;
showProductionSourceSystems?: boolean;
sourceSystem?: string;
sourceSystemEnvironment?: string;
category?: string;



This is the link token you get after calling /link/token (see Quickstart).



A callback function for when a User has successfully linked their account. This callback takes one argument: publicToken.



A callback function that is called when either a User closes the Link popup, or when an uncaught exception is returned (in which case, an error string parameter is included).


Optional. Default: false.

A boolean value that, when set to true, displays sandbox Source Systems. You should only use this during development. Note, not all Source Systems support sandbox environments.


Optional. Default: true.

A boolean value that, when set to false, hides production Source Systems. You should only use this during development.


Optional. Default: null. Possible values: procore, plangrid, service-titan, quick-books-online, or other Source Systems returned from the /link/source-systems endpoint.

Allows you to open Agave Link directly into a specific Source System instead of displaying a selection screen.


Optional. Default: prod. Possible values: sandbox or prod.

This parameter is only taken into account when the sourceSystem parameter is present. It is useful during development, if you want to directly open a

Source System in a sandbox environment.


Optional. Default: null. Possible values: A JSON object.

Using this option, you can pass additional options to Agave Link.

Currently, the only option is passing the company_id for Procore (see example).


Optional. Default: null. Possible values: accounting, construction, field-service, or hris.

Allows you to limit the Source Systems displayed in the selection screen to a single category (e.g. "construction").

Basic Examples

This is the minimal configuration you must pass to the openLink function:
linkToken: linkToken,
onSuccess: (publicToken) => {
// Send publicToken to your server

Advanced Examples

This will change the "Select Your Company" screen after the customer has successfully authenticated with Procore. In this example, you can force Agave Link to only display a single Procore company in the list.
linkToken: linkToken,
onSuccess: (publicToken) => {
// Send publicToken to your server
sourceSystem: 'procore',
sourceSystemOptions: {
procore: {
company_id: 31936


Certain browsers (e.g. Safari) block thrid-party cookies by default. Agave Link uses cookies to protect against CSRF/XSRF and will not work correctly in these browsers.

Agave Link automatically detects this situation and presents your users with instructions to fix the issue.