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🚧Limited Support

We currently support Webhooks for:

  • Source Systems: Procore
  • Data Models: Files, Folders, Drawings, and RFIs
  • Events: Create, Update, and Delete

To request other Webhooks, reach out to us at

API Endpoint{procore_id}/webhooks

Request Header

As with other API requests, you need to include an API-Version, Client-Id, Client-Secret, and Account-Token. To learn more, see Headers.

Body Parameters

callback_urlStringThe url to send events to.
You can generate a callback URL from for testing and change it to your own server's endpoint to receive events.
eventStringThe event to subscribe to."CREATE", "UPDATE", or "DELETE"Required
typeStringThe type of data to subscribe to."file", "folder", or "rfi"Required

Example Request

curl --request POST{procore_id}/webhooks \
--header 'API-Version: 2021-11-21' \
--header 'Client-Id: your_client_id' \
--header 'Client-Secret: your_client_secret' \
--header 'Account-Token: procore_account_token' \
--header 'Include-Source-Data: true' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
"callback_url": "!/58eb2c6a-2fce-4e61-88ad-c9a354819737",
"event": "CREATE",
"type": "file"

Example Response

"id": "04b38725-31ea-5682-adfe-ac1ac38f5713",
"source_id": "198396",
"callback_url": "",
"event": "CREATE",
"project_id": "2c20934e-98c0-522b-a730-80571d02f8be",
"target": "bdc00643-a562-5bcf-9c85-daf58bda3012",
"type": "file",
"source_data": {
"path": "",
"content_type": "application/json",
"data": {
"user_id": 77742,
"timestamp": "2022-03-09T21:47:03.193658Z",
"resource_name": "Project Files",
"resource_id": 9741901,
"project_id": 66736,
"metadata": {
"source_user_id": 77742,
"source_project_id": 66736,
"source_operation_id": null,
"source_company_id": 31936,
"source_application_id": null
"id": 277215374,
"event_type": "create",
"company_id": 31936,
"api_version": "v2"