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Set Always-On with Task Scheduler

We recommend ensuring the Agave Connector is always running in the background with Task Scheduler. This enables your integration to run without manually launching the Agave Connector on your host machine.

Follow these steps to create a Task in Task Scheduler:

  1. Launch “Task Scheduler” on the same machine and profile as your Agave Connector installation:

  2. Create a Task:

  3. In the “General” tab, enter a “Name” and “Description”. Ensure that “Run whether user is logged on or not” is selected:

  4. Go to the “Triggers” tab and add a new trigger:

  5. Set the task to begin “At startup”. Ensure that “Stop task if it runs longer than” is not checked. Click “OK”:

  6. Go to the “Actions” tab and click “New” (similar to triggers). Then, set the “Action” field to “Start a program”:

  7. Select “Agave Connector” for the “Program/script” field. Save the Action.

  8. Go to the “Settings” tab. Ensure the settings match the following:

  9. Click “OK” to complete setup. You may need to enter your system account credentials:

  10. Done! To confirm it was saved, exit and restart Task Scheduler. You should then see this entry in your Task Scheduler Library: