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Insufficient Permissions

To resolve the following error after an API request:

[QuickBooks Desktop] [Error] Insufficient permission level to perform this action.

Step 1: Determine the User for the Integration Application

  1. From the homepage, select Edit → Preferences:

  1. Navigate to Integrated ApplicationsCompany Preferences:

  1. Select the Application (e.g. Agave Demo), then Properties. The user for the Integrated Application will appear under Login as:.

  1. You can either change the Integrated Application's Login to a User with more permissions, or update the permissions for the Role associated with the User (see Step 2 below).

Step 2: Update Permissions for Integrated Application User’s Role

  1. From the Home Page, select CompanyUsersSet Up Users and Roles...:

  1. Select the User from the list to see which Roles have been assigned to it:

  1. You can either change to role for the User to a Role with more permissions (e.g. “Full Access”), or alternatively update the Role’s permissions. To see and change a Role’s permissions, select the Role List tab. Then select the User’s Role and press Edit.

  1. In the directory, navigate to the relevant data object you would like to enable access to. For example, the below enables access to viewing, creating, updating, and deleting Estimates:

  1. Once you have selected an option, select OK, then Close. Your User should now have the appropriate permissions and you should no longer encounter the "Insufficient Permissions" error.