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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does Agave handle multi-company Vista environments?

Our logic defaults to the Vista Company selected in our Agave Link component during the account-linking process (see example below). Some Vista Companies share files for certain data objects (e.g. Vendors, Customers, etc), so if the Vista instance is set up correctly then those should be shared across all of their Companies.

2. What Viewpoint Vista environments are supported?

The following Viewpoint Vista environments are supported:

On Premise
Trimble Construction One (TC1)
Viewpoint One (VP1)
Vista On-premise
Vista SaaS
Viewpoint Enterprise Cloud (VEC - RDP)
Viewpoint For Cloud

If your customer is still on Viewpoint for Cloud, we recommend they submit Viewpoint Support a ticket asking how they can update to a newer version of Viewpoint Vista.